Your Own Consumer Guide


We understand you already know your veterinary practice and that you should be an expert in your industry.  We are also aware that you are busy running your veterinary practice and do not have the time to write educational materials for your potential clients. So we provide you your own Consumer Guide to use as an incentive and for lead capture.

How It Works

Landing Page – We will create a landing page on your blog with a free offer for a report.  We will also create a Facebook tab and landing page for you if you take the Social media option.

Consumer Guide Proof – We provide you with a proof of your Consumer Guide, and go over any changes needed.

Final Approval – You review your Consumer Guide and sign off on the final approval
We will then discuss with you printing the Consumer Guide and negotiate on your behalf the best rate, in regards to copies and format of your Consumer Guide.  It will also come as a pdf so you can  offer it in email campaigns, on Facebook etc.