Done-For-You Veterinary Marketing System

veterinary marketing system

It’s Like Having Your Own In-House Marketing Department at a Fraction of the Cost

We offer five distinct packages at Veterinary Marketing Done For You and can also customize a veterinary marketing system directly for you.  The Social Media & Video Power Packages may be purchased separate or as add-ons to our primary package.  Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) and Directory Optimization is included in the primary package or can be purchased separately.  The New Client Package is included in the package as an optional add-on but does require Google Adwords funding.                                  

Our Done For You Veterinary Marketing System

Our veterinary marketing system is designed to cover as many areas of online marketing as possible and get your veterinary practice found online. We don’t just work on high placement, which is good. We get your practice found everywhere…. which is even better!

Here is what we do:

Dynamic, Locally Optimized WordPress Blog/Website

Search engine friendly websites such as the WordPress site we create for you are one of the most important online web tools any veterinary practice can have.  It is the hub of our entire veterinary marketing system. These sites generate a tremendous amount of traffic and web site exposure from search engines and targeted visitors. Our very active blogs drive targeted traffic to your website as a result of the many listings we create.  Each article we write is targeted at important key words, the result being a dramatic increase in  your online presence.

veterinary marketing systemIncluded in each Veterinary Marketing System  Website

  • Articles
  • Pet Healthcare Tips
  • Custom Welcome Video
  • Free Report Offer
  • Lead Capture
  • Product / Service Info
  • Write A Review Page
  • Testimonials
  • Ask the Vets Questions Page
  • Map & Directions
  • Social Media Links
  • Archives
  • Comment Management
  • Contact Information

veterinary marketing system
Automated Follow-up System
  • Email Campaigns
  • Texting
  • Straight to Voicemail
  • Custom YouTube Channel
  • 4 Videos Related to Your Business
  • Distribution of Videos to 20 Hosting and Directory Sites
  • Google and YouTube Video Search Optimization
  • We can work with only 1 veterinary practice in your city or market
  • Multiple locations within the practice are OK
  • We do not work with any of your competitors
  • We can give you the largest online presence in your market

Premium Members – Complete Veterinary Marketing System

$250 / month

Google Places & Directory Optimization
  • Optimize 80+ Online Directories For Your Business
  • Google Places Optimization
  • Mobile Search Optimization
  • GPS Search Optimization

To see a list of sites click here

Google Places and Directory Submission
$299 and $49 per month

Directory Submission Only
$199 and $39 per month

Google Places Only Optimization
$199 and $29 per month

Social Media  (optional add-on)
    • Create and Optimize Facebook Social Profile and Welcome Page
    • Create and Optimize Twitter Profile
    • Increase Friends, Likes and Followers
    • Ongoing Content Creation & Engagement
    • Brand Management
    • Facebook Ads Management

New Client Ad Campaign  (optional add-on)                  
  • Create Landing page with New Client Offer
  • Google Ads Management
$99 Plus Monthly Ad Funding

Video Power Campaign  (optional add-on)
  • Production of 21 Videos Featuring FAQ’s
  • Video Branding
  • On Location Shoot
  • Distribution to over 20 Video Hosting Sites & Directories
  • Video Optimization
Call for price.

veterinary marketing system